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Paki/Pakistani Youth

For any country it is necessary that its youth should be career oriented, skillful and capable of fighting limitations with courage & wisdom. Pakistani Youth is not lacking in this manner. Take any occupation as a case study and you can easily find an instance of brilliance displayed by Paki Youth. Consider Pakistani Sports Professionals especially Pakistani Cricket Professionals and you can observe the contribution of Pakistani Youth in it e.g. Mohammad Aamir, the Pakistani left arm bowler is young but played vital role in the success of Pakistani Cricket Team in ICC T20 World Cup, England. Another example is of a Paki Youth honored by Microsoft for being young programmer.

A major portion of Pakistani Professionals who are working abroad constitutes Pakistani Youth. Textile, Telecom Engineering, Information Technology Sector, Business Development & Marketing, Commercial Franchises, Government & Public sectors and other domains are populated with Paki Youth which working for both the success of employer and country.

Another aspect which is generally not known to public is the involvement of Pakistani Youth in offshore solutions development and business process outsourcing ventures. Pakistani Programmers, Website Designers, SEO Experts are working for renowned International Companies and adding credibility to the efforts of Paki Youth.

PkSingles.Com welcomes all who are experts in their respective occupations to profile themselves as emerging future of Pakistani Youth here.


from: Islamabad
Age : 27


from: Karachi
Age : 26


from: Lahore
Age : 28


from: Karachi
Age : 26

Fahad Nazir

from: Multan
Age : 18


from: Peshawar
Age : 19


from: Karachi
Age : 24

Moammar Rasool

from: Lahore
Age : 15


from: Peshawar
Age : 21

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