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Pakistani Professionals

PkSingles.Com is a good place for Pakistani Professionals to register themselves and broaden their social network. Whether you are Islamabad Professional, Lahore based or Professional from Karachi, Multan, Sialkot etc enroll yourself here to share thoughts with other professionals. Various Lahore Professionals, Sialkot Professionals and Islamabad based talent is already registered here.

Paki Professionals are competitive, skilled and most important inhibit drive to advance in their professional field of study. Among Pakistani Professionals, Islamabad Professionals, Karachi Professionals & Lahore Professionals are the ones that possess backgrounds related to Information Technology, Computer Sciences & Web Marketing. Sialkot Professionals, Multan Professionals, Faisalabad Professionals are the class of Paki Professionals that belongs to agricultural and industrial sectors.

Educationists, Pakistani Cricketers or other sports professionals are registered here too. These Pakistani Professionals have some renowned names and there is no doubt that others can be future stars if they will work hard and keeping doing good for good.

International Entrepreneurs have likings for Paki Professionals. Major giants like Microsoft, Oracle etc have employed Pakistani Professionals. The success story is not limited to employment only. Paki Professionals have always proved their mettle while working on the behalf of International Organizations. Voluntarily contribution for NGO’s is also the phenomenon attributed to Pakistani Professionals. Create your profile at PkSingles.Com right now as a Lahore Professional, Islamabad Professional, Karachi Professional or Sialkot Professional and share your sociality with other Paki Professionals to make things work for you.


from: Lahore
Age : 21

Rameez Hassan

from: Lahore
Age : 20

Adeel Khalid

from: Islamabad
Age : 22

Ali Aman

from: Islamabad
Age : 19


from: Karachi
Age : 22

Khawaja Alyas

from: Gujranwala
Age : 23

tafheem ul haq

from: Sialkot
Age : 25


from: Peshawar
Age : 22

syed waseem ali

from: Karachi
Age : 23

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