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Pakistani Education

Pakistani Education system comprises governmental, convent and UK based education setups. The Pakistani Government Schools have produced certain Political figures which show the strength of state-funded Paki Education system. The convent and UK based education system is flourishing nowadays and bringing some changes in traditional Pakistani Education system. PkSingles.Com encourages Pakistani Teachers, Educators and talented Pakistani Tutors to come forward and use the web portals as a platform for addressing Paki Education related aspects. Pakistani Teachers though lack resources but still capable of not only finding right direction but also contribute for the benefit of Pakistani Education System.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan has arranged many programs that were designed to turn youths into prolific Pakistani Teachers. The MS leading to PhD Scholarships program by Higher Education Commission (HEC) forces individuals to sign bonds in order to serve as Pakistani Teachers for both in country and abroad. This also gives support for molding Paki Education system according to international standards.

Pakistani Tutors or Pakistani Teachers who are seeking for jobs should profile themselves here at PkSingles.Com. This will enable them to be part of groups working already for the benefits of Pakistani Teachers & Tutors community. Similarly Pakistani Educators can take advantage PkSingles.Com to promote modern Pakistani Education system according to their institutional needs. This is a good platform to let Paki Education system, Pakistani Teachers & Tutors to step ahead.

Sheikh Farrukh Hayat

from: Multan
Age : 22


from: Islamabad
Age : 24


from: Sargodha
Age : 17


from: Jhelum
Age : 23

usman ali

from: Karachi
Age : 17


from: Karachi
Age : 22


from: Jhelum
Age : 22


from: Abbottabad
Age : 28

alex disoza

from: Islamabad
Age : 19

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