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Paki/Pakistani culture, Paki/Pakistani customs, Paki/Pakistani Recipes

Pakistani Culture is diverse. People have liking for fast foods in urban areas as compared to traditional cuisines which are popular in Pakistani Culture. The dress code in metropolis like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi also differs. In Pakistani Culture majority of people wear provincial dress. Active participation in social gatherings and festivals e.g. Weddings, Eid is also an essential of Pakistani Culture.

Pakistani Customs tends to vary region by region. In North Western Frontier Province (NWFP) tribal traditions are major constituents of Pakistani Customs. In Sindh & Baloachistan Province ethnic traditions forms the basis of Pakistani Customs followed there. In Punjab the customs followed are some how close to the customs followed in Indian Punjab. This gives a typical Punjabi touch to Pakistani Customs.

Pakistani Food & Cuisines are something that can never be discarded from Pakistani Favorites chapter. Majority of books have been written on Pakistani Recipes. A step further is the launch of various programs related to provision of Pakistani Recipes for making deserts & cuisines in local TV channels. Now Pakistani Food Channels are emerging to provide intercontinental and Pakistani Recipes to enthusiasts who love to prepare different food & cuisines.

Keeping all this in regard PkSingles.Com provides information stuff related to Pakistani Culture, impact of Pakistani Customs on it and Pakistani Recipes for various cuisines. Also profile yourself here and chat with Pakistani Chefs in order to know more about Pakistani Food Recipes.


from: Lahore
Age : 17

Raja usman

from: Rawalpindi
Age : 20

Syed Khawar H.Zaidi

from: Gujranwala
Age : 26


from: Faisalabad
Age : 28

Shahzad Hafeez

from: Sukkur
Age : 20

bilal latif

from: Lahore
Age : 22

faisal mughal

from: Gujranwala
Age : 20

Abid Afridi

from: Karachi
Age : 18

zohaib imtiaz

from: Islamabad
Age : 18

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